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Nvidia Geforce MX440 AGP Video Adapter

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The Nvidia GeForce MX 440 AGP Video Adapter is a reliable and quality video upgrade option, with a compatibility of HP D510, D530, and AGP 8x interface. It offers an output of 1600×1200/85Hz and an analog VGA connection, being ideally suitable for use in any system requiring a low profile AGP video adapter. Its AGP 8X factor enables an uninterrupted data flow and thereby allowing for smoother video streaming and faster, and more seamless game play.

Nvidia provides a new level of cost-effective, high-performance graphics to the value PC user with the GeForce4 MX and GeForce MX4000 graphics processing units (GPUs). The GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8X has a fill rate of 1.1 billion texels per second, with 34 million triangles per second, a memory bandwidth of 8.0 GB per second, and a maximum memory of 64 MB. The nView hardware and software technology combination delivers maximum flexibility for multi-display options, and provides unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience. Its nView allows end-users to select any combination of multiple displays, including digital flat panels, analog CRTs, and TVs, and to modify the display properties using an intuitive software interface.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility: HP D510
  • Interface: D530
  • Output: AGP 8x
  • Connectivity: 1600x1200/85Hz
  • Analog VGA Connection

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