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Nvidia Geforce FX 6800 AGP Video Adapter

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The Nvidia GeForce FX 6800 AGP Video Adapter is an entry level upgrade to high-performance gaming graphics cards, offering dual heads for systems utilizing full-height AGP video adapters. It is compatible with Intel AGP Workstations, offers an AGP 8x Interface with a 2048×1536/85Hz output. It provides for a dual DVI connection. This video card from Nvidia enables some most remarkable and complex special effects and delivers high-speed, faster and smoother game play and in many Direct3D (D3D) applications. Nvidia GeForce FX 6800 offers features important to the Intel AGP Workstations.

All GeForce 6800 Nvidia video cards are intrinsically good and so is the Nvidia Geforce FX 6800 AGP Video Adapter that features high memory speed and memory Bandwidth. It does not possess any visual glitches or anomalies, and there are no stability issues. It is reliable, fast and delivers a great quality of performance. Not only is it capable and impressive from a technological standpoint, but also provides for most cost-effective hires.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility: Intel AGP Workstations
  • Interface: AGP 8x
  • Output: 2048x1536/85Hz
  • Connectivity: Dual DVI Connection

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