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  • I work for Microsoft here in Sydney. I asked my colleagues for a good place to hire a laptop for a few weeks, and about ten people got back to me in minutes to say that "Hire Intelligence" was well-known and a regular, reliable supplier to Microsoft. So your reputation is pretty good! Also, Sydney University was exceptionally pleased with the service and deal they received from Hire Intelligence! The Institute used the laptop tonight for the first time, and it was a great success. Many thanks for your help; I will certainly recommend Hire Intelligence very highly to friends and colleagues.

    - Microsoft

  • I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the rental of the laptops. They are part of a very important project for us and they went like a dream. Kind regards and we shall speak again in 12 months!

    - Group IT Infrastructure Support Manager - John Fairfax Holdings Ltd

  • The sales people were very helpful as I needed equipment at 17h15 on a Friday and they waited until I was able to pick up the equipment at 18h10! Very much appreciated.

    - Skin & Cancer Foundation

  • In a competitive media world, the pressure on IT groups to perform and produce results are high. Time is money and lack of delivery by us, can result in poor ratings, consumer switching to other networks and advertisers following in suit. Part of the solution to get an edge on the competitors, are to cement relationships with IT vendors so that both parties have an understanding of business requirements, expectations and look for a ROI on the service or purchase. Hire Intelligence are one of Channel 7's important IT partners who provide IT hire equipment and services to our media network throughout Australia. They continually "make it happen" at the last minute, with a personalised service, that ensures end user requirements are meet. This is often "same" day throughout Australia and usually is a large number of hires. We have never experienced the word "no" to a request. These requests can include non standard boxes which Hire do not provide and they can still provide delivery of the product, within a very short timeframe. Hire Intelligence also have excellent technical support on their equipment and a management team who are not just "sales people", who oversee the entire order from quote to delivery. I have no hesitation in the recommendation of Hire Intelligence as an excellent partner and supplier of IT Hire equipment and services to you.

    - Channel 7 Network Operations


December 2011

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- Thomas Crage (Director)

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Nvidia Geforce FX 6800 AGP Video Adapter

The Nvidia GeForce FX 6800 AGP Video Adapter is an entry level upgrade to high-performance gaming graphics cards, offering dual heads for systems utilizing full-height AGP video adapters. It is compatible with Intel AGP Workstations, offers an AGP 8x Interface with a 2048x1536/85Hz output. It provides for a dual DVI connection. This video card from Nvidia enables some most remarkable and complex special effects and delivers high-speed, faster and smoother game play and in many Direct3D (D3D) applications. Nvidia GeForce FX 6800 offers features important to the Intel AGP Workstations.

Product Image

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Fleet Size: 5+ Units

All GeForce 6800 Nvidia video cards are intrinsically good and so is the Nvidia Geforce FX 6800 AGP Video Adapter that features high memory speed and memory Bandwidth. It does not possess any visual glitches or anomalies, and there are no stability issues. It is reliable, fast and delivers a great quality of performance. Not only is it capable and impressive from a technological standpoint, but also provides for most cost-effective hires.

Compatibility: Intel AGP Workstations
Interface: AGP 8x
Output: 2048x1536/85Hz
Connectivity: Dual DVI Connection

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